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Welcome to India's fastest growing Data Center!

Today, data center is a burgeoning market, with approximate market capital of $6 billion (inside India) and more than $100 billion globally, which is expected to grow to $160 billion by 2016. Fuelled by rapid expansion in the IT and Service industries, along with eCommerce and Web Technologies, there is greater demand for high quality IT infrastructure and hardware to keep up with the technological pace.

We at Go4Hosting are committed to provide you the most powerful Data Center solutions, which can deliver world class services for your business. With more than 30,000 customers all over the world, we are at a threshold of innovation and performance, which is so rare in today's hyperactive market. Our motto is simple: Customers first

Every business needs sound IT infrastructure to provide the platform for its growth and efficiency. Without a robust IT platform, no business can dream of expansion and seamless services. And this notion holds more importance when it comes to those businesses which are primarily online. If your customer base is online consumers and eCommerce is your backbone, then website hosting services becomes the most important part of your business.

Go4Hosting delivers powerful Data Center solutions and Website Hosting services, as we understand that how important and crucial IT infrastructure is for your business. We promise 99.95% uptime, which is guaranteed and mentioned in our SLA. We use some of the most powerful hardware from IBM, HP and Intel which has the capability to provide you seamless service, day in and day out. Our Tier 3 data centers are located in Noida and Jaipur, and are protected by a formidable 5 layered security architecture, which makes your data safe and secured.

Some of the salient features of our data centers:

Site Specifications:
  • 25,000 Square feet existing Tier 3 Data Center space in Noida
  • 15,000 Square Feet Data Center space coming up in Greater Noida
  • Expansion plans in Mumbai and Bangalore
  • 1100 Rack Space

  • ISO 9001-2008 certified Company
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Crisil's SE2B Certified Company
  • ISO 27001:2005 from BSI
  • Tier III Certifications

Network Specifications:
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Tata Communications
  • Reliance Communications
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Tata Teleservices
  • Pacific Internet

Power Specifications:
  • 1 MVA on 33 KVA Line
  • N+1 Power Redundancy
  • UPS: N+1 with complete integration with BMS and 4 Hours of backup power on full load
  • Fuel Tanks: 5000 Liters of Diesel available with up to 48 hours of backup

  • Database Management
  • O/S Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Backup Management
  • IDS / IPS
  • Management
  • DR & BCP Solutions

Security Specifications:
  • Five Zone Security
  • 24x7 Security Officers and Armed Guards
  • CCTV and Recorders
  • Card System
  • Motion Detection
  • Biometric Hand Geometry Readers
  • Datacenter Control Systems
  • Temperature PAC - Temp 20 +/- 1 Degree
  • Celsius
  • Humidity 50 +/- 10 degree Celsius
  • Fire Detection VESDA, 3D Sensors

For more details regarding our Data Center specifications, please visit us here.

To view images of our infrastructure, please visit us here and here.

Go4Hosting Data Center Services will totally transform your business with its amazing technological platform and powerful solutions. For more details, please mail us at sales@go4hosting.com or call us at: 0120-666-7777


What is a Data Center?

A data center is a physical location, which is used to store hardware devices such as computers, servers and telecommunication equipments. It can be described as a centralized repository, which can be both physical as well as virtual and is primarily created to store, manage and provide accessibility to data and information pertaining to single or multiple businesses.

A website is normally a set of files and commands which is hosted on data servers. Whenever a user types in the address of a website to access its content, the request is transported via various internet protocols to the data center. Once the request to access a website finally arrives at the data servers inside a data center, the information is retrieved and sent across to the user.

Data Centers are also widely used to host an organization's information and data. In order to access this data, the organization creates an intranet which is only accessible to the employees of that company. Data access and retrieval works the same way as that of the world-wide-web. Sub-functionaries of organization's data needs can be email solutions, wherein the email addresses and contact details are stored in a data center, which is retrieved and sent across the desired recipient via data center.

There are several characteristics of a data center such as power supply, security mechanism, energy consumption, design (technical/electrical) etc which should be kept in mind while designing a data center.

Go4Hosting is India's most preferred data center solutions provider with over 10 years of expertise in this industry. With an impeccable record of providing 99.95% uptime without any exception, Go4Hosting is recommended and preferred by some of the top notch corporate and enterprises from all over the world. We have our own Tier 3 Data Centers located in Noida and Jaipur, which are powered by 4-layer security mechanism, redundant power supply and world class data servers which are cutting edge in performance and reliability.

When it comes to data center India, then Go4Hosting is the name to reckon with.