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Cloud Computing

"On-demand computing resources - right from applications to data centers - over the Internet on a pay-as-per-use model."

Go4Hosting offers turnkey cloud computing solutions with guaranteed security, superior performance and stringent control attributes that any enterprise demands.

We strive to provide an enterprise-class level cloud computing solutions by firmly building and deploying private, public and hybrid clouds. With a perfect blend of open standards, profound expertise and best practices, Go4hosting strives to provide cloud computing solutions that are designed keeping in mind intricate superior-performance computing environments. We always endeavor to deliver new cloud efficiencies with cost effectiveness, which enables us to drive fundamental novelty for enduring marketplace advantage.


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3 Distinctive Advantages Of Cloud Server Hosting Cloud hosting or Cloud server refers to the practice of providing web-servers as a cluster to the end user. Several cloud servers are attached with one another to create a large repository of bandwidth, hard-disk space and other resources. There are several inherent advantages of using and deploying cloud server hosting. Some of these advantages are as follows:

Scalability: Scalability is probably one of the most important reasons to choose cloud server. In case a website suddenly receives a burst of traffic from a particular source, then the web servers can be scaled to accommodate the increased traffic, and thus provide uninterrupted service to the end users. Cloud hosting providers such as Go4Hosting are always striving hard to maintain maximum up-time of the web properties, and cloud server can ensure this endeavour.

Cost: Cloud server hosting can be operational at a reduced cost, as compared to other website hosting methodologies. Primary reason of low cost operations in cloud hosting is the fact that several web servers are used as a single force. Thus, hardware resources are optimized for usage, leaving very little unutilized resources. This paves way for maximum ROI for cloud hosting providers; which directly transforms into low cost webhosting services for webmasters.

Safety: Cloud server hosting ensures maximum safety of your organization's data and information. Cloud servers are protected by several layers of encryption which makes the data transmissions and related services completely secured and safe. As per a recent industry level research, it has been found out that data which is hosted under cloud server or cloud hosting is more safe than the data which is hosed under conventional website hosting options. More and more companies are now opting for cloud server hosting for this very reason.

Go4Hosting is India's one of most reputed and preferred cloud hosting provider, having a rich experience of more than 10 years. For more information related to cloud server hosting, please visit cloud server hosting section.